Webinar Report: Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Process

American Business Immigration Coalition (ABIC), National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA), The Resurrection Project (TRP), Illinois Restaurant Association (IRA), Florida Restaurant Association (FLRA), and Self Help Federal Credit Union held a webinar on May 21st entitled “Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness Process” and details updates to the Program as of May 16th. TABS Staff attended and created this report.

Webinar report: The Corporation vs The LLC

CT Corporation held a webinar entitled The Corporation vs. The LLC on April 7, 2020. TABS Staff attended and made this report.

An article on American culture

Congratulations, your European product is a success in several EU countries. You are ready to make the leap across the Atlantic Ocean and conquer the US market with your amazing product and corresponding impressive statistics.  America… the land of opportunity! The sky is the limit!

E visa issuance fees

Recently the US State Department increased visa reciprocity fees and adjusted validity periods for several countries in Europe including Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands. This is in response to President Trump’s Executive Order 13780, which requested that the U.S. Department of State undertake a worldwide review of reciprocity arrangements and to update any discrepancies.

Tax reforms 2020

In December of 2017 the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) ushered in some significant tax changes for businesses. One of the key benefits of the TCJA for businesses was a lower tax rate for C-corporations that became effective in the 2018 tax year. The graduated “C-corporation” tax rates were reduced from a range of 15% – 35% to a flat 21%. Keep in mind that this is only applicable in connection with federal corporate income taxes; State corporate tax rates may still apply depending upon the state.

A quarter more companies export to the US

In 2018, 8.9 thousand Dutch companies exported goods to the United States, more than a quarter more than in 2015. This increase is stronger than that of the total number of exporting companies, which was 10 percent larger than three years earlier. This is evident from new figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), published in the […]

Why Texas? The Movie

Most companies that want to do business in the United States think about the West coast and the East Coast. They don’t think about Texas at first. As the 10th economy of the world, the Lone Star State has so much to offer. Texas ranks at the top of nearly every “best states to do business list”, […]

2019 End of year TAX preparations

As the deadlines to file 2018 taxes on extension approach (15 September for partnerships and disregarded corporations and 15 October for other corporations), it’s not too early to begin preparing for next year’s tax season.  Below is a list of important tax deadlines for businesses in 2020. You should note that the first deadline is January […]

Rabobank – Mechanics Bank merger

The strategic merger of Rabobank, N.A. (Rabobank’s retail bank in California) and Mechanics Bank was completed in 2019. In line with Rabobank’s ‘Banking for Food’ strategy, Rabobank N.A. was sold to Mechanics Bank, while its food and agri activities were retained by Rabobank Group. This merger brought together two community-oriented, well-capitalized banks with common values […]

What’s in a name? An article by Annette van der Feltz- Expatriate Assistance

What’s in a name? If you are moving to the US on a work visa – the answer to this question could be: a lot! When moving to the US, getting your name registered correctly, and understanding how the various government agencies determine your first, middle, maiden and last name, is crucial to a smooth […]

Get inspired: An interview with Dennis Tan, CEO and Co-Founder of Dashmote

Dashmote is all about helping people to get the most out of their data. For example business professionals, working in sales/marketing, who want to work with data but don’t have all necessary resources to do so. Dashmote created a platform that gives the end users more control over their data. Read all about it in our inspiring […]

Individual coverage health reimbursement arrangements for health plan coverage.

With the Healthcare Open Enrollment season approaching for most employers, coming in 2020 there is a new option (especially for small employers) that many are calling “a game changer for health insurance coverage”. To help TABS clients understand and navigate the constantly changing world of health care insurance plan options TABS is here to help guide […]

2019 Tax Filings

As the end of the calendar year draws near, which for most of our clients is also the end of their fiscal year, it is time to consider tax planning moves to minimize your tax burden and prepare for the upcoming tax filing season. ​ The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 created certain […]

Podcast De Oversteek: creditcards en cheques; zo doe je zaken in de VS

Hoe zorg je ervoor dat je in de VS je product aan de man brengt, dat klanten geld overmaken en dat je een lening krijgt? Oftewel, hoe doe je er zaken? Dat hoor je in de vierde aflevering van De Oversteek. Terwijl president Trump er niet aan twijfelt dat de economie van de VS winning is, zijn […]

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