Podcast De Oversteek – Season 3

De Oversteek is Dutch for ‘The Crossing,’ a Dutch-spoken podcast series made possible by TABS Inc., among others.

The Crossing is a podcast about entrepreneurship in America. You heard about sales, cultural differences, being the boss, insurance, and banking in previous seasons. Season two was about entrepreneurship in the south of the US, and in season three, you will hear everything about doing business in The Pacific.


Las Vegas, you don’t want to live there, but it is the ideal place to start your research into doing business on the West Coast of the US. You do this by visiting the CES, where 170,000 tech geeks gather annually for the latest hardware and software.

Many companies have left California and the surrounding area in recent years, mainly settling in Texas and Florida. Dropbox did it, but so did Tesla. Elon Musk moved his entire factory to Austin. The reason? Mainly lower costs and less regulation. However, in the third season of ‘De Oversteek’ you will hear why ‘The Pacific’ is still an interesting region to expand your business to.

You can listen to it here (Spotify) and here (Apple).


When you hear LA, you think of Hollywood. The city of showbiz, films, media. But the city has developed in many other areas. There is a lot of money in sports, and Dutch entrepreneurs also see this. In the second episode of the third season of the podcast ‘De Oversteek’: The Pacific, you will hear entrepreneurs who have expanded their business to Los Angeles or are planning to do so.

You can listen to it here (Spotify) and here (Apple).


The third and final episode of season 3 of ‘De Oversteek’: The Pacific: San Francisco, Techwalhalla’ is an episode full of entrepreneurial stories of Dutch people who are (or are going to be) crossing to the west coast of the US.

You can listen to it here (Spotify) and here (Apple).

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