Kirstin (Kirsty) van Oosterzee – Schuil

Kirsten Schuil

Kirsty holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pedagogy obtained in Amsterdam. While working with adolescent refugees, her main focus was intercultural communication, project management, and psychological therapy. 

She holds an Erasmus+ Programme European Union certificate in training- and project development, issued in Germany. She achieved multiple certificates in communication and conversation techniques in the Netherlands and Surinam. 

Kirsty has over 4 years of experience as an Accountmanager and Operational manager in Amsterdam. She also gained experience as an Office Manager at a private equity firm in New York. Her entrepreneurial mind, combined with her American and Dutch background, brought her to New York at the end of 2022.


While working for TABS since May 2023, she has been combining her cultural background with her interest in entrepreneurship, business development, and client engagement.

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