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Hire an International J-1 Intern or J-1 Trainee Today

Interested to learn more about internship and traineeship programs – but have no clue where to start? Are you and/or your company based in the US? Then Stage-Global is your answer!

With offices located in both Amsterdam and New York City, Stage-Global is a Dutch cultural exchange company that recruits, assists, and places both students and young professional in internship ad trainee programs throughout the United States. Through their wide offering of host programs, interns and trainees have the opportunity to work in fields such as Business, Human Resources, Finance, Hospitality, Law, Engineering, and many more.

J-1 Exchange Program

For companies and businesses located in the US, it is possible to hire either international interns or trainees under the J-1 exchange program. Because of this visa category and through their exciting host partners, Stage-Global offers both short term intern programs lasting up to six months and longer trainee programs that last up to 18 months. While the J-1 intern program is geared towards currently enrolled university students, the J-1 trainee program is best situated for recent university graduates looking to gain and expand their experience.

All interns and trainees will take part in fulltime programs, which comprise of the standard US 40-hour work week that can start at any time throughout the year. With the help of Stage-Global, training plans will be created to ensure the experience is beneficial to both the business and the participant. The intern/trainee will learn the day-to-day operations of the company, gaining knowledge under the care and guidance of one of the host’s team members – an incredibly valuable time for anyone entering the work force!

Stage-Global has made this process as simple as possible – for all parties involved. They will arrange the entire J-1 visa application for the intern or trainee, therefore no visa sponsorship is needed from the host organization. Other than the compensation for the intern/trainee’s stipend, there are no further costs involved for the host company. For internship programs, the recommended stipend is between $400-$800 per month, while the trainee programs require minimum wage payment as outlined per US state. The only other responsibility of the host organization is the recruiting process for those participants they wish to work with.

Additional Support

In addition, Stage-Global will fully support the participant with housing arrangements, insurance, and obtaining their necessary US documents (social security number), while remaining available for any support needed throughout the entire program duration.

Most of Stage-Global’s host organizations are located in cities including (but not limited to) New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Don’t see your city listed? Get in touch to discuss options.

Interested in hiring your own intern or trainee? Then reach out to Stage-Global!

Find more information on Stage-Global, the various programs offered, or scheduling a brief informative call here or email Andries Bonneur for more information.

Watch the Stage Global intro video.


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