Acknowledging that more employees are working from home and away from their physical workplace, New York State now requires employers of all sizes to make mandatory workplace posters available to employees electronically, either on their website or by email, in addition to posting physical copies in the workplace. This requirement applies to all workplace postings that are required under state or federal law. Employers must also notify employees that the postings are available electronically.

Lists of required posters are available here. For any assistance in gathering the required posters, please contact our HR team.

Next Steps for New York State Employers

  • First, covered employers should make sure all mandatory workplace postings have been posted in the physical workplace in accordance with all applicable laws.
  • Next, employers should compile or make digital copies of these postings and upload them to their company intranet. If the company does not have an internal website, it should draft an e-mail with the postings attached for dissemination to employees once the bill becomes law.
  • Regardless of the method used to share these digital copies (intranet or e-mail), the employer must also provide employees with notice that the documents are available electronically. Accordingly, New York employers should begin preparations to update any employee handbooks or similar resources.
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