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“TABS is specialized in supporting European companies who start and develop a U.S. business”, says Pig & Hen, a bold and adventurous brand producing handmade bracelets from Amsterdam for men capitalizing on a unique and authentic brand story.


Our Story

In 2013 Pig & Hen was founded by two friends from Amsterdam: Dominic Bakker & Rutger Versluis, both with a unique interest in fashion and sailing. Later Thomas van der Kallen and Stefan Textor joined the team as co-owners.

With a unique product and a compelling brand story we are rapidly taking over the world. Our products are sold in over 50 countries in fashion stores, jewelry stores, department stores and concept stores.

To this day all our bracelets are Handmade in Amsterdam and we‘ll continue to do so.


Our Lucky Name

When the Dutch were sailing the seven seas in the early 1600’s, they would run into their fair share of disasters: storms and raiding pirates were the order of the day.

Old sailors used to have a pig and a hen inked on their feet, a tattoo that was believed to keep bad luck at bay. In case of shipwreck, the pigs and hens on board were usually the sole survivors: the wind and tide would safely float them back home in their wooden crates.


Handmade in Amsterdam

For anybody still thinking their Pig & Hen bracelet is made by a robot finger pressing a button – you guessed wrong. While the term ‘’handmade’’ is pretty abundantly used nowadays, it is a label we are incredibly proud of. And therefore, may we introduce to you: our workshop, right next to the Pig & Hen headquarters in Amsterdam.

This is where our team is working day after day creating your Pig & Hen goods, all by hand, all with the greatest care and eye for detail.

Besides our trademark ship rope and stainless-steel shackles, it’s mainly laughter, some good music and about ten pairs of skilled hands that are the main tools and materials we create our products with. It’s a group of people with very diverse backgrounds: finance students, musicians, an architect, a sports freak who’s also a mother of two – just to name a few. Each with their own peculiar nickname, which we will wisely keep to ourselves.


Bracelets for Life

Every bracelet has its own unique strength and can be worn 24/7. Shower with it, surf with it, climb some mountains – your bracelet won’t care. We dare you to take up that challenge. It will even survive your mom’s washing machine.


U.S. Expansion

Pig & Hen sell their bracelets through their own web shop and a lot of great retailers in the United States. TABS’ Sales Tax specialist Thom Doensen assisted them in efficiently setting up sales tax processes to ensure that all rules and regulations are adhered to. The TABS team of dedicated consultants also facilitated formation of their U.S. entity, including setting up a New York address, and providing corporate compliance and income tax support.


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