Emily Murillo

Emily MurilloEmily is currently a BMCC (Borough of Manhattan Community College) student, where she is diligently pursuing a major in Business Management. She has a strong passion for the business world and is committed to honing her skills in this dynamic field. As one of TABS’ administrative support staff, Emily brings her enthusiasm, dedication, and a unique blend of skills to the team.

Emily’s aspirations reach beyond business management, as she has set her sights on a career in the beauty industry. To fulfill this dream, Emily plans to attend cosmetology school and become a certified esthetician. Her fascination with skincare and beauty drives her to explore this exciting avenue further.

Emily’s long-term goal is to harness her business degree and her expertise in esthetics to launch her own company. With a blend of creativity, entrepreneurship, and a strong educational foundation, she aspires to build a successful venture that marries her passion for beauty with business management.


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