Podcast De Oversteek – Season 1

Doing business in the United States, who doesn’t want that? But how do you tackle that and which pitfalls should you avoid? Listen to the award-winning, seven-part podcast by Koos Tervooren, in collaboration with, among others, TABS Inc.

Dutch entrepreneurs know only too well: North America is the land of unlimited possibilities, but it is also a country with a completely different way of selling, a hierarchical work culture and complex legal requirements.

In “De Oversteek”, Dutch for “The Crossing”, you can hear the experiences of entrepreneurs and experts talk about business in the US. One of them is Jacob Willemsen, founder and president of TABS, who helped many companies with their expansion to the US.

In the first episode Koos Tervooren investigates why you as a Dutch entrepreneur should go to America at all. And what does that mean? "Many Dutch entrepreneurs underestimate the switch to the American market." These questions are answered by the American ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra, consul general of The Netherlands in New York City Dolf Hogewoning, Jacob Willemsen (TABS), Servaas Begheyn (Rabobank) and Jan Joosten (Baker McKenzie).

Other topics in this podcast series:

  • What kind of Dutch entrepreneurs are the US really waiting for?
  • Why you have to think carefully about which state or city fits your company well?
  • The impact of the large distances and time differences in the US.
  • How to legally land in the US.
  • Why the US is more like a "European Union" than you might think in advance?

This podcast can only be listened to in Dutch.

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