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Heliox seals U.S. Market Entry with new North American headquarters in Atlanta

TABS congratulates its client Heliox with the opening of its North American headquarters in Atlanta (GA) early June. Despite the restrictions during the pandemic, Heliox managed to establish its new headquarters within two years after their U.S. market entry.

Heliox Technology – EV Charging Solution Provider

Founded in 2009, Heliox is the market leader in fast-charging systems for electric vehicles – from public transport and e-trucks to passenger vehicles, marine, mining, and port equipment vehicles. The company’s chargers enable fleet operators to improve their performance while reducing their environmental impact. To date, Heliox has installed more than 1,600 high-powered and fast-charging points worldwide and has implemented one of the world’s largest e-bus projects at Schiphol airport.

Heliox has its headquarters in Best in the Netherlands, with local offices in Germany and with its current business expansion also in the U.S. The company’s Georgia expansion will create more than 70 clean-energy jobs in the region within the next year. Heliox’s North American headquarters will include a campus for research and development and corporate offices. Heliox has delivered reliable infrastructure for a wide variety of customers all over the world.

U.S. Expansion

The U.S. is one of the biggest markets worldwide and offers great opportunities to many European companies. Heliox reached out to TABS in 2019 for back-office support in the U.S. For many clients, it’s very beneficial to have a local partner specialized in U.S. compliance matters to assist with your U.S. expansion. Especially when you’re growing quickly and start doing business in many different states. TABS assists Heliox with their compliance matters on federal and state level when doing business in the U.S., providing Heliox with a peace of mind. Furthermore, TABS assists with Income Tax support, mail handling and serves as their outsourced Payroll & HR-team in the U.S. Heliox has rapidly grown and quickly became an established U.S. based company. We are very proud of their U.S. developments and excited to further assist Heliox with their growth in the U.S.

Success in the U.S.

Our market research shows that local presence, among a number of other factors, is important to becoming successful in the U.S. Even though being a key factor in the U.S., it can be quite a challenge to build a successful team locally. In our research with over 200 participating Dutch ventures in the United States, hiring appeared to be one of the main challenges during a U.S. market expansion. However, once succeeded, entrepreneurs indicated that it is well worth the extra efforts of building that team, building a local presence in the U.S. and overcoming the cultural barriers. Their bottom line improved much more than most entrepreneurs had ever expected. TABS can help you overcome these challenges and assist your company with a smooth U.S. market expansion.


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