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At TABS Inc. we are determined to assist foreign companies in successfully entering the U.S. market. Therefore, we are always expanding our knowledge and consequently created the research project “Dutch Ventures in the United States” six years ago.

With this research project we are aiming to help Dutch companies that have entered the U.S. market get a better understanding of the market and the pitfalls they could encounter. Moreover, we would like to identify the reasons for success and failure of Dutch companies active in the U.S. and we are confident that with this combined knowledge and expertise we are able to guide Dutch companies to operate more efficiently, avoid pitfalls and minimize risks.

This year, we are updating our research. We would highly appreciate your participation in this research project as it helps us to gain a better understanding of the market. The survey will be sent out to all our relations on June 18. Every respondent receives a copy of the final report.

Would you like to take part in the 2020 DVITUS research project?
Click here to fill in the survey.

As a gesture of appreciation, the following gifts will be allotted at random between the respondents:
–       3x a giftcard of your choice (value of $250).
–       A compliance assessment or consultancy (up to 4 hours, value of $900).

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To read the 2014 report:
DVITUS 2014 report

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