Jasmine Diez

Jasmine DiezJasmine’s journey began when she completed her high school education ahead of schedule at the age of 17. Eager to pursue higher learning, she enrolled in Lehman College for her initial year of college. Seeking new horizons, she decided to transfer to The SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), where she is pursuing a degree in Fashion Business Management.

Jasmine understands the interplay between her professional and personal aspirations. Her objective is to harness the wealth of knowledge she has gained from her multifaceted experiences. These experiences include her role at TABS, her ongoing education at FIT, and her extensive networking efforts. Her ambition is not solely centered on achieving financial success, but also on giving back by supporting and educating others in their journey toward success.


Jasmine’s dedication to her role at TABS, her unwavering commitment to education, and her fervent passion for the arts make her a dynamic and multifaceted professional. Her journey is marked by personal growth and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, both within the TABS team and in the broader community.

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