Avoid needless penalties, stay compliant and be ready for due diligence.

Corporate Secretary & Compliance

TABS Compliance Team approaches each client with a tailored solution customized for their specific needs. Our in-depth knowledge of local rules and regulations affecting businesses in the United States allows our clients to feel confident that their company will be in good legal standing and provides peace of mind wherever they operate.

Unlike other companies that purport to provide similar services, TABS takes a proactive approach in working with you to maintain up-to-date information, makes the required filings on your behalf when they come due and keeps your Company in good standing and due diligence ready. Many other companies merely notify you when your filings are due and leave you to gather the required information necessary to complete the filings.

Hosting Annual Shareholder Meetings

Corporate Bylaws

Filing of Mandatory Reports

Maintain Proper Ledgers

Due Diligence

TABS helps your company obtain and maintain good legal standing. We offer a range of company secretary and compliance related services including:

Compliance Assessment Services
TABS Compliance Team reviews company records and governmental records of the jurisdictions where you are registered, or where you should be registered, and provides you with a comprehensive report. TABS will advise whether your company is compliant with local rules and regulations and whether you adhere to your company bylaws

On more than one occasion TABS has provided a comprehensive assessment and learned that our client’s entity had been involuntarily dissolved or suspended without their knowledge thereby leaving the shareholders exposed to potential liability.

Director and Officer Services
TABS provides experienced independent director, non-member manager, springing manager and officer related services.

Entity Management Services
TABS Compliance Team creates compliance calendars, retains registered agents, makes maintenance filings, drafts board and shareholder resolutions, convenes and holds regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors and annual meetings of the shareholder(s) and drafts all minutes related thereto. TABS remains in contact with its clients to advise where and when they may need to register for authority to transact business and when they may need to surrender such authority. TABS Compliance Team maintains the Company registers and minute books and assists with the creation and submission of any changes in company name, registered offices, and changes in management.

Registered and Process Agent Services
In Texas and New York, TABS Compliance Team provides your Company with process and registered agent services at no additional cost. For all other jurisdictions TABS has negotiated a preferred rate with a nationwide registered agent and passes those savings on directly to our clients. We work directly with this Company and manage all information and invoices in the company portal on your behalf.

Company Formation Services
TABS prepares and files documents necessary for the formation of an entity in any state of your choosing and creates company bylaws, operating agreements, share certificates, initial / organization meeting minutes, resolutions, share transfer agreements, share certificates, shareholder ledgers and other organizational documents.

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