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When your business entity was formed, the incorporator named a registered agent in the formation documents to serve as a liaison between your business entity and the state. This is because business entities are required to appoint a registered agent when they are formed and are required to have local registered agents in every state where they are registered to transact business. The most basic function of a registered agent is to receive and forward legal documents and correspondence. Some of the players in this market are Corporation Trust Company (CT Corp), Corporation Service Company (CSC), National Registered Agents, Inc. and InCorp Services, Inc.

Usually entities are not aware of which registered agent will be named or even that there are differences in the fees that registered agents may charge. At the time of formation your incorporator may have chosen the registered agent for you and the first time you become aware of them is when you receive an invoice nearly a year later.  

TABS has worked together with its preferred registered agent to provide Corporate Secretary clients with a steeply discounted rate of $49 per year per jurisdiction. From time to time we see registered agent invoices incurred by our clients from other providers that are $150 to $400 more than what they would pay with our preferred agent. If you are paying your registered agent directly and would like to change please contact our Compliance team for additional information and to request a change.

If you are already a Corporate Secretary client, the change has an added benefit of moving your entity into our portal. While in our portal we will receive and respond to notices directly on your entities behalf which often saves your company time and energy and provides optimal efficiency.


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