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We are pleased to introduce the May issue of our digital business update. We have collected a number of interesting topics relevant for your U.S. subsidiary. Also, we’re thrilled to share our new animation, illustrating the services we offer.

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On behalf of the entire TABS Team,
Jacob Willemsen


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About Registered Agents
When your business entity was formed, the incorporator named a registered agent in the formation documents to serve as a liaison between your business entity and the state. Usually entities are not aware of which registered agent will be named or even that there are differences in the fees that registered agents may charge. TABS has worked together with its preferred registered agent to provide Corporate Secretary clients with a steeply discounted rate of $49 per year per jurisdiction. From time to time we see registered agent invoices incurred by our clients from other providers that are $150 to $400 more than what they would pay with our preferred agent.

Contact our Compliance team if you would like to change. If you are already a Corporate Secretary client, the change has an added benefit of moving your entity into our portal. While in our portal we will receive and respond to notices directly on your entities behalf which often saves your company time and energy and provides optimal efficiency. More info to be found on our website.

Tax Payments
Please review your bank accounts to confirm that all expected tax payments have been processed for corporate income tax (FY 2020). Some banks require additional verification before tax payments are cleared. If you expect a profit for FY 2021, then you could avoid penalties and interest by making prepayments on your federal income tax, as well as some state income tax.
Ban on Non-Compete Agreements in DC
The District of Columbia has enacted the Ban on the Non-Compete Agreements Amendment Act of 2020 (the Act). The Act prohibits employers operating in the District of Columbia from requesting or requiring an employee working in the District of Columbia to agree to a non-compete agreement or policy, with specific exceptions.

The Act also:
– Prohibits retaliation or threats of retaliation against covered employees in violation of the Act;
– Requires covered employers to provide notice to covered employees of the provisions of the Act; and
– Permits civil actions against covered employers for violations and provides civil and statutory penalties.

The amendments are effective after a 30-day review period and publication in the District of Columbia Register.

Our Admin team is currently performing a review of our ShareFile system. Clients will be contacted to confirm user access in the weeks ahead. All mail from 2018 and earlier will be removed from our system, so be sure to download any mail from this period if you haven’t already. In addition mail from the past year will be securely destroyed or sent out if requested. This is only regarding mail. If you have retained TABS for your compliance, we will maintain your corporate books and records at our office.
Might you have any questions, please contact Patrick Neuman, our Office Manager.
The FDA Extends Deadline to Obtain the DUNS as a UFI for Registered Food and Beverage Facilities
The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had previously allowed facilities more time to obtain and submit a unique facility identifier (UFI) with their registration submission, a requirement that began during the 2020 biennial registration renewal period. Now the FDA is further extending the time period to obtain and submit a UFI until December 31, 2022. More info here.

At TABS not only do we provide you with the FDA Agent service, but we also make sure that your registration meets all requirements, assisting you to obtain the DUNS as well.

New TABS Houston Office
After officially opening our Houston office in 2019, TABS has grown its local office to a team of six. With our team growing comes a need for a bigger and better office space. We are happy to announce we have found our new office space and are moving! Starting May 1, our new office address will be 19747 Highway 59 North, Suite 308 in Humble, Texas. The new office is conveniently located within close proximity of the Intercontinental Airport of Houston (IAH) and north of Downtown Houston. We’re looking forward to continuing our growth to best support our customers nationwide. If you are ever in the Houston area, once we’re able to travel again, we would love to welcome you to visit our office. You may contact Laura Hoogendoorn, Managing Director of the Houston office, for any questions.
Webinar Reports
Recently TABS has (co-)organized various webinars. Read the summaries we made of the following events here:

Upcoming Events
U.S. Readiness Program – BelCham
Wednesday, May 19th, 9am EST/3pm CET, Webinar
BelCham, Belgian-American Chamber of Commerce, is hosting a virtual US Readiness program (March 1-5) that aims to help evaluate respective expansion strategies with market insights and collaborative sessions. We will be joining this five-day introductory immersive to outline critical milestones and important considerations to help Belgian B2B tech companies expand to the U.S. faster and more efficiently.

TABS (Jacob Willemsen) will give a presentation on doing business in the U.S. on Wednesday, May 19th.

USA Update
Thursday June 3rd, 10am EST/4pm CET, Webinar (dutch spoken)
On Thursday, June 3, Rabobank, Wuersch & Gering LLP and TABS are organizing the USA Update for the sixth time.
There are several developments going on in the U.S. President Biden has been in office for some time now and has made several decisions. How will these decisions affect you as an entrepreneur and what are the opportunities and challenges for doing business in the U.S. at the moment? Four relevant speakers once again share their vision and experiences.
NAFBIZ Webinar: Differences in Diversity
Wednesday June 9th, 11am-12pm EST / 5-6pm CET
Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are critical elements for companies that want to attract and retain top talent, expand globally and be a leader in their industry. Yet how can a company with presence in more than one country create global DEI policies and communication strategies, when DEI is defined and experienced differently around the world? History and legislation have a huge impact on how diversity is experienced, managed and communicated, making the experience of being Black, gay or part of any minority a unique experience in every country and making DEI policies across global companies a unique challenge.  

Join the NAF-Biz on Zoom as we compare Dutch and American DEI definitions, explore the differences in policies and communication strategies, and discover how to harness the potential of an inclusive workplace across the US and the Netherlands.

Tabs Staff
picture of female
Meet Our Team Member Oscar Xu Zhou
Marketing and Business Developement Trainee Spain
Oscar gained valuable experience as an Erasmus/International Students’ mentor at UV and as an Information Specialist at UNCW. He also developed market research to understand effective marketing efforts for student recruitment for the Cameron School of Business. Oscar is excited to start the traineeship at TABS to contribute new perspectives using his multicultural/multilingual background as well as his skill set.
“I am proud to be part of such an international team. What I enjoy the most as a member of the Business Development and Marketing team is brainstorming strategies to lead our partners through a path of success. It is very satisfying to see how we help clients enter the US markets and we both evolve together.”
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