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In 2018, 8.9 thousand Dutch companies exported goods to the United States, more than a quarter more than in 2015. This increase is stronger than that of the total number of exporting companies, which was 10 percent larger than three years earlier. This is evident from new figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), published in the fact sheet “International trade”.

Of the more than 8.9 thousand companies that exported to the US, 70 percent were active in trade, industry or construction. In 2018 there were more than 40 percent more companies in business services with goods exports to the US than in 2015.

Exporting companies can have multiple export destinations. In most cases, companies export within the European borders. The fifteen countries with which most companies trade include fourteen European countries. The only non-European country is the United States with 13th place.

Source: Central Bureau of Statistics, the Netherlands (CBS)

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