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Interview with Jordi Vermeer from ChannelEngine Channelengine Jordi Vermeer

TABS spoke with ChannelEngine’s Jordi Vermeer, VP of Revenue, North America, about doing business in the United States.


Can you explain what ChannelEngine does?

ChannelEngine easily connects brands and retailers to the global eCommerce landscape with our cutting-edge eCommerce and Marketplace Management Suite. We do this by operating as a control center, seamlessly bridging customers’ internal systems with digital sales channels, automating and streamlining their eCommerce operations.

With ChannelEngine, brands and retailers can integrate into new markets faster, with fewer development costs, less manual labor, and higher profitability. They can reach millions of new customers and benefit from our thriving partner network to grow in marketplaces worldwide. 

ChannelEngine’s integration means sellers can continue working with their own backend systems, even if they change them later on. Our platform ensures product information and stock levels are synched and updated across marketplaces, and orders are pushed back to the merchant’s systems. We also fully integrate our user’s store, WMS, ERP, or PIM with the most important local and major marketplaces, click and ad channels, and product feeds, fully controlling what’s sold and where. Our territories are rapidly expanding, helping customers like Bugaboo, Invicta, Brabantia, and Sonos increase sales and grow globally. 


How long has ChannelEngine been around and who is your target audience?

ChannelEngine was founded in The Netherlands in 2013 by CEO Jorrit Steinz, a prolific entrepreneur with over two decades of eCommerce and marketplace experience. 

Our target audience is international, corporate, and local clients interested in selling in digital marketplaces who have a gross merchandise volume of over 1 million euros.


Why did you come to America, and what’s your focus here?

Being the second-largest eCommerce market after China, ChannelEngine saw an opportunity in the United States to use its deep multi-channel expertise gained in Europe to engage their quickly evolving market. We are currently a team of 180 members globally and expect to expand our US footprint to 30 by the end of 2022.


Invitation to connect!

ChannelEngine is fully committed to the United States as a growth market and would like to help your business expand on international marketplaces. Do you have questions or want more information about ChannelEngine? Contact ChannelEngine or request a demo of the platform.



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