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TABS entered a unique collaboration to give access to affordable health insurance for expats, offering our network many advantages if you join through TABS!Many European start-ups that are expanding to the U.S. are hoping to offer great health insurance to their future hires. They often aim to offer health benefits that are similar to the European head office and use these great benefits as a selling point to attract new talent for their U.S. subsidiary. However, what many start-ups do not always immediately realize is how expensive health insurance can be in the U.S, especially when compared to European standards. Not only are the costs a lot higher, in the U.S. it is also not possible to offer health insurance to your first employee. There need to be at least two participating employees to offer group health insurance to your U.S. employees. 


New Partnership

We noticed this to be a disappointing fact for many companies when expanding to the U.S. Therefore, we’ve been working on ways to help companies with their health insurance needs in the U.S. We are very excited to announce this new  partnership to provide access to affordable health insurance for the expats on your U.S. subsidiary’s payroll.Our partners:


Excellent Expat Insurance Package

The Excellent Expat Insurance Package is powered by the Goudse Insurances and either Hoogenraad or Van Parijs will serve as your broker to guide you through the insurance process. They will offer personalized advice with a customized quote and be your person of contact whenever you need any assistance or guidance. Your benefits:

  • Affordable U.S. health insurance.
  • Also possible for 1 (expat) employee.
  • Customized service.
  • Free SOS- Assistance Package.


Who is eligible? 

The Expat Insurance Package is offered to Dutch or Belgian expats working in the U.S. and to expats from other nationalities working in the U.S. for a Dutch or Belgian parent company. There needs to be a link with the Netherlands or Belgium, either by your own nationality or by the origin of the parent company, and the expats must be working in the U.S. 

Free Additional SOS Service 

All clients who join through TABS will receive the ‘SOS-Assistance Package’ ($500 USD per year value) without additional charge. The SOS-Assistance Package provides additional peace of mind in emergency situations while living in the U.S. Additional information on this package can be found in the informational folder.Download the Expat Health Insurance folder for more information regarding the coverages and related premiums. The coverage also meets the requirements of the Affordable Cares Act.Expat Package Individual


We’re happy to connect you with either Hoogenraad or Van Parijs for a customized quote for your company!

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