TABS was founded in 2010 by Jacob Willemsen to help European businesses with their U.S. market entry, offering necessary back office services. Originating from the Netherlands, Jacob decided to emigrate to America in 1997 and experienced the great need for service providers of overseas companies. Jacob decided to use his first-hand knowledge and experience to set up TABS to help these companies. In the beginning TABS assisted mainly Dutch businesses, meanwhile companies from all over Europe belong to our client base.


TABS helps European companies with their U.S. Market Entry

Doing business in a world’s largest economy, valued at a staggering $20.4 trillion the United States, presents an unparalleled opportunity for business expansion and growth. However, it comes with many challenges.

  • Many companies do not realize that the rules and legislation when doing business in the U.S. are very different from Europe.
  • And that they also differ in each of all 50 American states.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore and tap into the US markets because of administrative and regulatory challenges. Understanding and complying with the laws and regulations of doing business in the U.S., whether they be imposed at the Federal, state, or local level, can be an enormous hurdle that slows and sometimes derails even the best business expansion plans.

TABS has the expertise to keep your focus on growth and development. Through our exclusive partnerships with key service providers, we save you time and provide peace of mind.

Our services include

Calculator iconBookkeeping & Tax Support

TABS will keep your books as straight as an arrow.

Calendar iconPayroll & Human Resources

From basic payroll services to more complex HR management.

Briefcase iconCorporate Secretary & Compliance

Avoid needless penalties, stay compliant and be ready for due diligence.

farmacy iconFood and Drug Administration

Our specialized FDA-team provides you with peace of mind by meeting all your FDA Registration requirements.

telephone iconYour PERSONAL contact

To learn more about the many benefits of partnering with TABS, contact us to set up a free consultation call.

North America iconUS Presence/ New York & Houston presence

TABS gives your business the keys to the U.S.


We’ve got more than 20 years of experience.

Let TABS help you navigate the hurdles of doing business in the U.S. and keep your U.S. business expansion on track.

TABS provides the assistance and guidance needed to successfully enter and navigate the U.S. market. As a trusted and proven partner to hundreds of businesses, our international team draws on decades of knowledge and first-hand experience in establishing businesses from every sector in the U.S., positioning them for success.


We are active in all states.

Streamline your business in the US with TABS.

TABS offers a comprehensive suite of services which we can tailor to your business’ specific needs. No task is too big or too small for us to handle. As your business needs change, TABS adapts with evolving support that helps you reach your changing organizational goals.


We have 18 dedicated consultants.

Because we are the best!

It is rewarding to see that our work leaves clients free to focus on growing their brand and business in the US.
Jacob Willemsen, Founder TABS Inc.

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