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The state of California is requiring eligible employers to participate in a Retirement Savings Program called CalSavers, to ensure all California workers can plan for their future through automatic payroll contributions facilitated by their employer. Employers who have 5 or more employees in the state of California and do not currently sponsor a retirement plan are required by law to enroll in CalSavers.

Registration for CalSavers is open and the deadline will be on June 30, 2022, and it’s easy.



  • Not all employers are required to participate. Only employers who do not sponsor a retirement plan and have 5 or more California employees must join CalSavers.


  • Registering takes just a few minutes. You will need your company’s Federal Employer Identification Number or Tax Identification Number (EIN/TIN) and your CalSavers Access Code.


  • When you register, you’ll submit information for each eligible employee. This will begin the automatic enrollment process. Employees will then have 30 days to decide to participate or opt out. If they do not make a selection, they will be auto-enrolled in the program.


  • After you add employee information and the 30-day opt-out period ends, you’ll begin facilitating payroll deductions each payroll period through bank transfer. These deductions will be added to the employee’s account and invested according to their selections.

If the employee has any questions regarding the program, managing investments options, distributions, or other questions related to processing distributions or investment/ tax advice CalSavers will take care of it.


More details regarding employee enrollment:

  • Employees will be auto-enrolled after 30 days if they do not opt out and will begin saving through payroll contributions facilitated by their employer.
  • Employees can opt out and back in at any time.
  • The savers account is a Roth IRA (after tax) that is set up in their name. (Savers can recharacterize to a Traditional IRA.)
  • The default savings rate is 5% of gross pay. Savers can change their rates at any time.
  • The savers account is portable. It stays with them even if they leave your workplace.
  • Savers can manage their account online, by phone, or using the CalSavers mobile app.


For more information regarding the program and enrollment, you can reach out to our HR Team at or go to the CalSavers webpage.


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