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The U.S. Expansion Series is a podcast on how to expand your business to the U.S. market successfully. This first season hosts Fleur & Flora of TABS will discuss the legal landscape, the risk of liabilities, pitching to U.S. investors, and the expansion journeys of Tony Chocolonely, ChannelEngine, and the Belgian Boys. This podcast aims to provide companies with the tools and guidance for those interested in expanding to the U.S. market.

For this first episode, Flora sat down with pitch coach David Beckett of Best3Minutes on how to create a winning pitch. Pitching is essential to a U.S. expansion but not necessarily something that all European entrepreneurs are prepared for. In this episode, David talks about the critical elements of a great pitch, what U.S. investors are looking for in a pitch, and explains the cultural differences between Europe and the U.S.

David Beckett is an international pitch coach who has trained over 1800 Startups and Scale-ups to win over €400Million in investment. He’s also trained more than 250 Dutch startups to pitch in the USA, for trade missions, and at events such as CES. David is the creator of The Pitch Canvas©, author of the books Pitch To Win and Blue Moon Pitch, and has coached over 30 TEDx speakers.

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