Daniela Salas

Daniela Salas

Daniela is a psychologist with a 5-year degree from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, one of Colombia’s premier private universities. During her academic journey, she explored various internships, including a pivotal HR internship where her passion for the field blossomed.

Daniela serves as one of TABS’ HR Support staff, drawing upon her unique skill set, which includes strategic planning, conflict resolution, public speaking, and more. She spent four years prior as an academic recruiter. She achieved significant milestones during this time, including two promotions and a commitment to individualized career counseling and event organization. She also has experience in providing therapy to elders and led the launch of two impactful training programs.


During an HR internship at an insurance company, Daniela discovered her passion for the field, ultimately leading her to her current role as an HR trainee. She also contributed to implementing the Aulas en Paz curriculum to reduce classroom bullying in public schools in Colombia.

Daniela’s skills encompass strategic planning, conflict resolution, innovative thinking, data analysis, critical thinking, and more. Her enthusiasm, resourcefulness, academic background, and diverse experiences make her a valuable asset to the team. Beyond her professional life, Daniela is an adventurer. She backpacked through Mexico for seven months and lived in the United States for two years as part of an exchange program, enhancing her cross-cultural experiences.

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