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The U.S. Expansion Series is a podcast on successfully expanding your business to the U.S. market. This first season hosts Fleur & Flora of TABS will discuss the legal landscape, the risk of liabilities, pitching to U.S. investors, and the expansion journeys of Tony Chocolonely, ChannelEngine, and the Belgian Boys. This podcast aims to provide companies with the tools and guidance for those interested in expanding to the U.S. market.


Episode 4 – The expansion journey of Tony Chocolonely with Frits Snel

In this episode, we dive into the market expansion of the well-known chocolate brand Tony Chocolonely with their Chief of Markets, Frits Snel. Tony Chocolonely expanded to the U.S. in 2015, starting in Portland, Oregon. Fast forward to 2023, and you can now find Tony’s chocolate bars in all major retail stores across the U.S. In this episode, Frits shares how they succeeded in the U.S. market. Frits lived in New York in 2020 to oversee the U.S. market expansion of Tony Chocolonely.

Frits Snel is the Chief of Markets at Tony’s Chocolonely – a Dutch impact company founded in 2005, which produces and sells chocolate. Tony’s Chocolonely is committed to eradicating all forms of illegal child labor and exploitation in the cocoa industry. Frits’ expertise lies in international markets, commercial strategies, fair prices, social impact, and transparent product chains. Before becoming Chief of Markets, Frits headed Tony’s U.S. from 2020 to 2022.

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