When: Tuesday, May 9th at 3.30 – 5.30 pm CET
Where: NLdigital, Breukelen, the Netherlands (Dutch spoken)

Target audience
This workshop is intended for directors, sales managers, project managers, and account managers of ICT suppliers.


The United States is very attractive to entrepreneurs, partly because of the prominent market and familiarity with the language and culture. But from a legal point of view, the American legal system differs significantly from that of the Dutch and European continental systems. What do you have to deal with as an entrepreneur, and what are common pitfalls? And what risk do you run as a Dutch ICT company if something goes wrong with an assignment or with a customer in the U.S.? We are organizing a workshop on Tuesday 09 May from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, in which these topics will be discussed.

The workshop aims to provide ICT entrepreneurs with a legal framework within which business is conducted in the United States. This allows you to better assess the actual risks, to which you can adjust your commercial strategy if necessary. The workshop is given by lawyer Mr. Carl M.R. van der Zandt and Jacob Willemsen, founder of TABS Inc. They have extensive experience advising companies on doing business in the U.S. Carl on the legal field and Jacob on the practical aspects, such as the financial and administrative matters to spare companies.

We conclude the workshop with a networking drink.

Mr. Carl M.R. van der Zandt is a lawyer in New York specializing in corporate transactions, business matters, and litigation in the U.S. market. He has assisted more than 300 European companies with business interests in the United States (from start-ups to listed companies). As of May 2020, he is a partner of the law firm Wuersch & Gering LLP in New York and works with companies in all aspects of their business lives, including incorporation and day-to-day operations, capital raising and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and other strategic transactions.

Jacob Willemsen is the founder of TABS Inc. and specializes in facilitating European companies starting or expanding in the U.S. Jacob assists companies with the establishment and does financial and administrative matters for about 350 European companies. This allows companies to successfully enter the American market and concentrate on growing their business. TABS Inc. has a team of thirty employees in New York, Houston, and Orlando. In addition, there is representation in the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

Target audience
This workshop is intended for directors, sales managers, project managers, and account managers of ICT suppliers. Are you interested, and do you want to know more about this topic? Then sign up!

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