Date: Wednesday July 7th, 2021
Time: 10am EST / 4pm CET
Location: Online event

During this webinar you will discover why there is a gap when communicating with your U.S. employees, suppliers, or customers. You will learn to appreciate the differences, and how the differences can create value. Identifying and leveraging these seemingly small cultural differences will help you achieve your goals, attract more clients, and improve your team’s productivity.

Failure to understand cultural differences is one of the main reasons European startups fail in the U.S., according to TABS’ market research. Conversely, understanding and leveraging cultural differences leads to greater profits and productivity and employee satisfaction.

Intercultural coach Annette van der Feltz of Expatriate Assistance explains why Americans attach importance to certain behaviors and values, while certain Dutch values can be interpreted negatively. She will give examples from her many years of experience working with foreign companies.

Floor Bergshoeff of TABS Inc will discuss cultural statistics derived from over 200 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups currently operating in the U.S., to show what the main obstacles and opportunities are.

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