Join us for an engaging live webinar focused on “Transfer Pricing and Avoiding Common Pitfalls” tailored for businesses eyeing establishment or looking to broaden their horizons in the U.S. market.

When                 : Thursday, February 29th, 4 – 5 pm CET / 10 – 11 am EST
Where               : Online Webinar
Organized by  : Incodox – TABS Inc.
free of costs


Flora Bergshoeff, Business Development Manager at TABS Inc., will be hosting an insightful session with Eran Shif, CEO and Founder of Incodox. Together, they’re set to shed light on the common transfer pricing missteps encountered by businesses during the setup or operation of a subsidiary in the United States.

Expect to gain valuable insights from real-life case studies, highlighting the key blunders to steer clear of and the vital areas to concentrate on throughout the planning and after the incorporation of your U.S. subsidiary. This webinar is a rare opportunity to gather practical advice and strategies directly from industry experts.

We encourage you to share any specific questions or challenges you might have when you register. Your inquiries will help shape the discussion, ensuring the webinar addresses your specific concerns.

Don’t let this chance slip by to enhance your strategies and understanding of U.S. expansion. Book your spot today and move forward in optimizing your business’s transfer pricing approach.




Transfer pricing rules are framed in a manner that allows some degree of flexibility. Transfer pricing guidelines are intentionally designed to offer some degree of flexibility. Tax authorities are mindful of the fact that consultants might tailor benchmarks to suit their client’s individual demands, a practice that can prompt inquiries and objections. Using a fixed benchmark eliminates the customization factor, which lowers the probability of the benchmark results being challenged. Incodox anticipates that following this approach, our benchmarks will establish themselves as an industry standard.

TABS Inc. provides the assistance and guidance needed when starting or expanding your business in the U.S. and to successfully enter and navigate the U.S. market. As a trusted and proven partner to hundreds of businesses, our international team draws on decades of knowledge and first-hand experience in establishing businesses from every sector in the U.S. and helps to position them for success. TABS offers back-office services essential for U.S. subsidiaries that can be tailored to your business’s specific needs.


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