When: Tuesday, February 28th at 3.30 pm CET
Where: Online

We invite you to our roundtable discussion on “The TP Lifecycle for a Start/Scale-Up to the U.S. and other International Expansions” hosted by EYnovationTM,  and TABS Inc.

During this Virtual Roundtable, we will discuss the transfer pricing lifecycle for a start/scale-up, from designing a policy to implementing, monitoring, and testing. We will discuss some practical examples and case studies and answer any questions. For this roundtable, we invite CEOs, CFOs, and those responsible for the finance or tax function.



Topics and example questions that we will address:

  • What does the transfer pricing lifecycle for a start/scale-up look like?
  • What are typical transfer pricing models?
  • How to design a transfer pricing model that fits your company?
  • How to ensure that a transfer pricing model is implemented correctly?

The session is expected to take 90 minutes.

If you’re interested in participating, please email us. If you already have questions you would like to cover during the session, please share them upfront.


About EYnovationTM

EY’s start/scale-up team in the Netherlands, EYnovation, assists many promising and fast-growing start/scale-ups from the Netherlands by providing them with relevant services in the earlier stages and growing with them to become new international market leaders. The EYnovation team is a start/scale-up sparring partner for legal, accounting, finance, and tax services. It also challenges a company on its business model and provides a company with access to a broad network.


About TABS Inc.

Relying on over 40 years of combined proven global business experience, TABS facilitates Dutch/European companies starting or expanding in the U.S. to enter the U.S. market successfully. In addition, TABS offers back-office services essential for U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies. Services include U.S. incorporation, compliance, tax support, bookkeeping, payroll & HR support, FDA registrations, office space, and a physical mail address.


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