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Are you or do you want to become active in the US, then this master class is relevant for you. What do you have to do as a Dutch company to become successful in the US? What are the lessons learned of entrepreneurs already active in the Us. What should you arrange to hire local staff and to send Dutch staff to the US? How does it work with taxes? Do I have to set up a branch and if so where? These are questions to which you will receive answers in the master class.

Two entrepreneurs share their experiences with doing business in the US.

  • Virtuagym, CEO Paul Braam.

Scaleup Virtuagym is growing fast internationally and is focusing on the US.

  • Presspage, Director of Strategy & Partnerships Bart Verhulst.

Bart has lived with his family in Chicago for three years to set up a Presspage location there.

Our partners will tell more about their services and what they can do for you.

  • How do I set up a business in the US? Jacob Willemsen, CEO of TABS Inc. (NYC)
  • Legal and fiscal aspects of doing business in the US and setting up an entity in the US. Carl van der Zandt, partner / lawyer at HBA law firm (NYC)
  • Immigration/Visa in the US. Hilde Cevaal, founder of VisaVersa

About Vectrix

We have been helping companies with their financing and international growth for over 20 years. Through our international partner network we help your company grow in Europe and North America. We have built up a network in various world cities in Europe and the US and have carefully selected local specialists who are always there for you.


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