Are you ready to explore the game-changing strategy of the Delaware Flip (DF)? Join our exclusive Roundtable event where we dive deep into this transformational corporate maneuver.

When                 : Wednesday, October 11th, 03.30-05.30 pm CET
Where               : Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Organized by  : FisherBroyles – KPMG – TABS Inc.
DUTCH SPOKEN / Free of costs

What is the Delaware Flip?
Discover the secrets behind this dynamic corporate strategy that could reshape your organization’s future.

When is it the Right Move?
Uncover the scenarios and pivotal moments when a Delaware Flip becomes a tempting option for your business.

Pros and Cons Unveiled!
Explore the advantages and potential drawbacks of embracing a DF. Learn about the crucial legal and fiscal steps that should be noticed.

Meet Our Experts

TABS Inc. is thrilled to co-host this enlightening event alongside KPMG and Fisher Broyles. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and elevate your corporate strategy. Join us on Wednesday, October 11th, in Amsterdam!


Contact us if you are interested, and would you like to learn more.
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