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Doing business in a foreign country can be very tricky, especially in the U.S. So, we needed a reliable partner to help us navigate these unknown waters. I was initially unsure whether this meant that we would become too dependent on TABS for certain administrative tasks, meaning we lose a bit of control on certain tasks (like filing the sales taxes for example). Speaking with Jacob I realized that TABS doesn’t just offer a rigid set of services. In the sales taxes case, this means that TABS can help set everything up and assist us in the first year/s, but as soon as we are able/comfortable to file the taxes ourselves, we can do this.

Personal yet very professional. Customer-oriented with clear communications. That is understanding what it means to do business in the U.S. for a company new on the market.

I can highly recommend TABS to any business (especially European) that wants to expand to the American market.

Daniel Bucheli
Le Majordome 


  • Company Formation
  • Corporate Secretary / Compliance
  • Mail / Address Service
  • Check Handling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax Support
  • Payroll Services

LE MAJORDOME is a Swiss shoe label that offers premium welted footwear and has three stores in Switzerland and opened up its first international store in Manhattan, New York City.


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