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TABS Webinar Report

CohnReznick LLP held a webinar on Cyber Security on April 17th.



– SHAHRYAR SHAGHAGHI, Principal, Cybersecurity and Privacy National Leader, CohnReznick

– ELIZABETH M. DEL CID, ESQ., Partner, Murphy & McGonigle P.C.
– JOSEPH P. FACCIPONTI, ESQ., Partner, Murphy & McGonigle P.C.
– ONDREJ KREHEL, PHD, CISSP, CEH, CEI , ENCE, Digital Forensics Lead, CEO and Founder, LIFARS

Remote-work environment amid Covid-19

The current scenario we are living is very favorable for hackers, most companies are not prepared to work remotely and being on a full remote basis also makes it harder for cyber crime investigators to find evidence against these criminals. Common threats, especially in personal devices, are gaming platforms that may contain malware, and platforms for remote solutions, especially for connectivity, that are being exploited by hackers. During this time, we may see an increase in phishing activity especially using fake links to websites like Zoom. Companies may also be exposed to “Zoombombing”, this is when an unauthorized person gains access to an unprotected Zoom meeting, this may happen through a “Zoombombing” service advertised by cyber criminals online. The best advice is to keep these meetings private, requiring a password.

Remote-work legal and liability implications

We are still waiting on the final regulation for the CCPA, this won’t change the date of implementation, but may have significant alterations to the law, on top of that companies are requesting that the enforcement of the law be delayed, so far the Attorney General has been very strict and denied this delay.
There may be some flexibility while the Covid-19 pandemic lasts, but principles of proportionality will always apply, always be aware of what data you are collecting, why are you or the third party you work with are collecting this data and if you really need it, etc.

What to do now?

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