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Payroll Services

TABS offers support in Payroll services.


The actual processing is done by our partner in payroll services. TABS provides a supporting role and acts as ‘payroll clerk’:  

  • Acting as a liaison for payroll between client and payroll partner  

  • Preparing and submitting payroll via the software of the payroll partner 

  • New employee set up for payroll, including employer registration, workers compensation and disability if the new employee works out of a state in which the client doesn’t have those three items arranged yet.

  • Payroll set up of the company


Payroll set up of the company includes: 

  • Assisting with employer registration for unemployment insurance in the state where the employees work out of 

  • Assisting arranging workers compensation insurance, which is an insurance that provides covered employees with        income and medical benefits if they are injured on the job or have a work-related injury or illness. The insurance is regulated per state.  

  • Assisting arranging disability insurance if required. Disability insurance is a state governed insurance that provides  employees with some sort of income replacement in case of disability caused off-the-job.